Responsive design means your website is designed to look great across ANY devices – Mobile, Laptop, Large Screens, and Tablets.  The same exact website is presented in visually different ways to provide the best user experience and layout.

So, that sounds great, buy why is it better?

Better for SEO

Google recommends responsive design as a best practice for optimizing your website for search engines.  This is because Google (and others) are now only reading 1 website instead of multiple.  This means they can more easily understand the structure of your site, and rank it accordingly.

Better for Users

Your customers aren’t using just one device to access your website.  They might begin their research on a mobile device and then return to your site later to make a purchase or complete a contact form via their desktop. What if your desktop site doesn’t match the look and feel of your mobile site? You might end up losing the sale. With responsive design, you ensure your customers will get a consistent experience across all devices.

Better to Keep Updated

Having a responsive-designed website means there is 1 website and 1 set of code to maintain.  This significantly reduces potential errors, development time, and frustration opposed to maintaining 2 separate websites.

Better for the Future

Good responsive web design is a solution for today, tomorrow, and many years to come. As technology continues to change at a rapid pace, only responsive design keeps up. It meets the needs of all browsers, all devices, and all screen sizes. Other mobile-friendly options depend entirely on today’s standards. If the technology changes, a mobile website can quickly become obsolete. While responsive design will certainly one day be replaced by something else, it has the most potential for longevity of anything available today.

All websites designed and built by Building 1 Creative are fully responsive to avoid an y potential issues, making your site the best value for the money.