By developing a website on the WordPress platform, you gain a world of flexibility and advantages.  However, with great power comes great responsibility.

At Building 1 Creative, we are focused on maintaining top security for your site.  Here is what we complete as a part of each website contract:

Maintain Code

The WordPress core team does a great job of cleaning up and optimizing the WordPress core on an ongoing basis.

They are committed to the identification and patching of security vulernabilites. Anytime you see a minor release (3.2.x), it’s for bug fixes and security patches.

Update the core: We make sure the core WordPress version is automatically maintained and upgraded to the latest code.  This ensures that the patches and fixes WordPress releases are in place on your site.

Update themes and plugins: Everything is working just fine, why should I touch plugins? The same reason you’d update any other software updates need to be installed.

Remove disabled plugins and inactive themes: Inactive plugins and themes should be disabled and removed if not in use to patch holes and vulnerabilities.

Use Secure Passwords and disable Brute Force Attacks

We always push for strong passwords for user and FTP accounts to help.  We also use security software that blocks brute force attacks from unknown IP addresses.

Change your passwords often: The longer you use the same password, the more time you’re giving hackers to try and crack it. If you change it frequently, you shorten the window of attack.

Don’t share passwords: Passwords are like toothbrushes, you should keep them to yourself. And discard them, and get a new one, if they have been used by others.

Regular Security Scans

Regular scans can help detect issues so they can be removed.  We initiate regular scans to help keep your site safe.

Use SSL Certificates

Every site we build gets a free basic SSL certificate to protect your users and your reputation.