Transparency in blogging and online entrepreneurship is what get’s you winning people’s trust.

People can relate to real facts, plots, methods, strategies, case studies that they can see is working for somebody or not!

It’s often too easy to create content that ‘tells’ people what they should be doing, but the thing is that most people can read that kind of crap on practically any other blog out there, they don’t want to be told, they want to be shown, so let them see for themselves.

So how do you become transparent in blogging?

It’s simple, be honest and show your audience what’s working for you and your blog or online business, and show them what’s not working too!

It’s not always about writing how successful you are, people will appreciate your honesty and maybe even relate to your failures too. They’ll feel more comfortable in maybe sharing with you their own stories of success and failures as well.

Here are some ways to be transparent in blogging.

  1. Create case studies (Both relating to your success and failures)
  2. Publish and share your honest income and traffic reports (optional)
  3. Create good honest online reviews, based on user experience.
  4. Share or incorporate personal stories that your readers can relate to in your blog posts.