There are a variety of surveys that indicate many website owners simply just don’t have time to update and regularly maintain their websites.  Regularly updated websites are a key to engaging customers and building reputation in search engines.

So, the decision then becomes if you want to build, update, and maintain your website yourself, or hire someone else to handle it for you.  Maintaining a website involves the following steps:

  1. Having great ideas for content (blog posts, pages, etc.)
  2. Producing the content (writing the actual articles and producing photography)
  3. Uploading and formatting content (looks are key)
  4. Publishing and ensuring your content is integrated into navigation and found in search engines

In order to maintain your own website, you not only have to have the time, but the necessary technical experience to keep it updated.  Depending on how your website is built, this can be an easy or a challenging task.

Whether time or your website structure if your obstacle, we can easily solve it.  If you love your website and design, we can rebuild your site in the WordPress platform that enables easy point and click editing and the ability to add new pages and posts.

If time is your constraint, we can be your update and content partner.  We will work with you to produce content and regularly update your site.

Contact us today for more information on updates and content management.