Church Website Solutions

How it Works

Our goal is to make it simple for your church to have a fully functional website that looks great, is easy to maintain, and provides advanced tools to help connect your congregation together.

First, we install the specific code package that provides you with a variety of features to run your church. This includes membership management, small group management, communication management, and more. By using the same coding across all sites, you are guaranteed to get world-class features for your church no matter the size.

Next, we build out a core set of pages that your church will most likely need. This includes member logins, calendars, small groups, and more. By setting these pages up for you, it saves you time.

Finally, we can help with design. We are professional designers, so creating a great look that is unique to you is what we do.

Our solutions include everything you need for a website and member management.

Website Hosting

Each website comes with complete website hosting, traffic, storage space, and security features.  This means your site will stay online and your content will be available for visitors to see.  We offer a 99% up-time guarantee, and will refund your monthly hosting fees if we don’t meet this promise to you.

Hosting Includes:

  • Unlimited traffic and storage
  • Free basic SSL Certificate for security
  • Malware monitoring
  • 99% up-time guarantee

Member Tools

Church member tools are included to ensure you can engage and communicate with your congregation.  All of the following features are included with your hosting:

  • Membership Management
  • Small Group Management
  • Calendar Integration
  • Sermon Uploads
  • Email Communication Tools

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