Get Found by Keywords

Research and integrate keywords your users use into your site.

Get Found in Local

We optimize SEO efforts to get you found in local searches to connect you with your customer base.

Full "White Hat" Techniques

We only use ethical “White Hat” techniques that keep your site from being banned

On-Site and Off Site Techniques

We optimize both your on-site code and off-site queues to search engines for best results.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of making it easy for search engines (like Google and Bing) to understand what your website is about, and rank it accordingly.  It is our stance that it is not about tricking search engines into falsely ranking your site for more traffic.

How we view SEO:

  • It includes great content, proper keywords, and connecting with other relevant sites
  • It does not include any gimmicks, trickery, or unethical techniques
  • It takes time – anyone offering overnight results will damage your reputation and your site


93% of online experiences begin with a search engine

It’s a simple fact – the majority of users will, and will always, start their online experiences with a search engine.

It is essential that you ensure your site is found by the users that will use it.  This includes both finding and landing on your home page, and deeper content within your site.

We can help rank both your main page and sub pages for the best possible results.


The SEO Process

The following process outlines our basic strategy for Search Engine Optimization for your site we will use to make sure you are found, and founc by the right people.

  1. Research and Analysis

In this stage we conduct research to identify the opportunities for improvement in search engines.  This includes a review of current rankings, competitor review, market review, local rank, and potential customer identification.

  1. Identify Keyword Potential

Once research is complete, we will identify the best list of keywords to target for the most relevant potential customers to find your site.

  1. Onsite Coding and Optimization

Onsite coding and optimization involves making sure your site is set up to reflect your keywords.  This does not involve “keyword stuffing” but rather integration of natural techniques to assist search engines in reading your site.

  1. Copyrighting Strategy

More than ever before search engines read the text and copy on your website to rank against other sites. It is essential to have great content that is relevant to your keywords, your market, and your site.  We will develop (and implement if you choose) a strategy of developing articles, content, and blog posts for your site.

  1. Site Speed Analysis

Search engines rank faster sites better.  We will perform a site speed analysis to ensure you site is optimized for speed.

  1. Link Building

Finally, a strategy of link building for your site is important for high search rankings.  This means finding opportunities for high quality sites to link to yours.

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